Integration & Connectivity

budgetplaces is actively seeking for Channel Managers (CM), Property Management Systems (PMS), Central Reservation System (CRS) to partner with.

Connecting with budgetplaces is mutually beneficial: we offer our clients more choice and channel managers offer increased distribution to hoteliers.

  • 30,000 reservations per month
  • 2 million unique site visitors per month
  • Increased distribution for your client establishments
  • More than 50 channel managers already successfully integrated

With a single integration your clients' establishments can be distributed across all the websites in the EnGrande network: and, etc.

Contact the product integration team now

Contact the product integration team now and start to benefit from collaborating.

Patrizia Sieli

Patrizia Sieli
Partnership Manager
Tel: +34 93 183 44 20 EXT 241

Juliane Krellig

Juliane Krellig
Channel Manager Relations

Victor Lopez

Víctor López
Lead Integration Engineer

Technical overview:

In order to connect to budgetplaces, you can either use the budgetplaces XML API (more info here) or we can adapt to your own XML specification.

Once an integration is set up your system will be able to push pricing and availability data to budgetplaces.

When reservations are made on one of our websites, a notification will be pushed to your system.

How it works

Hoteliers update prices and availability in their system (channel manager PMS; CRS).
The system pushes the updates to budgetplaces.
When reservation is made on budgetplaces, a notification is pushed to the system instantly.
Hoteliers are able to see the reservation details in their system.