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Reviews of Guest House SudAmericana

san agustin 16, Madrid

3 out of 5  based on 1139 reviews
Value for money
4.0 out of 5

Warsaw, Poland

April 2015

Cool location

Very good location close to the underground. Quite fast WiFi. Clean, veeeeery small room and bathroom, but for us it was ok. We would recommend Sudamericana Hostal and we will be back soon (I hope :))

3.0 out of 5

Dartford, United Kingdom

June 2014

Cheap but adequate

We stayed here for 4 nights in May 2014. We were offered 2 rooms; 1 in the main building by the Prado and a smaller one with its own shower about 5 mins walk away. We opted for the smaller room to have our own bathroom. Check in was a bit of a pain, we had to specify exactly what time we would arrive and then the woman checking us in didn't speak any English. We were told our stayed was being charged to our credit card but when we arrived we discovered they only took cash. The room was about 30cm wider than the bed! It was clean and we can't complain for the amount we paid - about £80 for 4 nights. The location is great and we just had to leave the keys in a box for check out. There was wifi in our room and sheets, towels and loo roll were provided.

5 out of 5

, 25

The Netherlands

January 2014

I think there is only one sentence that will describe this place: you get what you pay for. It was pretty cheap and the service was pretty cheap too. But! Only the act with the fake beard was already enough to pay my 20 euros for. One of the toilets was designed in such a way that it was almost impossible to use both of your buttocks to sit on it, but it became quite handy when we got a little shitfaced the day before. And finally, the breakfast was the best we never had!

2 out of 5

, 31

United Kingdom

December 2013

I had stayed here before, and the first time was not as bad. However the rooms are not small they are tiny. the rooms are only divided by a gyps wall where at night you can hear exactly what your next door neighbour is up too, i was also disgusted that prostitute where allowed in and i know this because you can hear exactly what is going on in the next room and hear every word of the conversation.
After that incident i was disgusted to sleep on that bed luckily enough it was our last night. NEVER EVER AGAIN

3 out of 5

, 27


November 2013

This is a scam.